Legacy Lactation and Family Education

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Legacy Lactation and Family Educations goal to to provide you with evidenced based education. To provide you with the knowledge to get you through labor and into parenthood.  To help you reach your goals with confidence in a nonjudgemental atmosphere. to help YOU DO YOU.  



Full Disclosure

I am a nurse, a lactation consultant, a wife, and... the list goes on.  What I do know for sure is that my beliefs may not be your beliefs, my desires may not be yours and you know what thats ok with me.  I want you to do what you want to do in labor this should be your choice. Your decisions are for your family.  I really mean this exactly. 

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MY Practice

Parenthood changes you to the person you need to be not necessarily the person you intend to be.


The labor may take a few hours to a few days, but it will be an experience that is yours to remember  forever.


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A Top 10 Service

Parenthood is a journey that begins with love that multiples and divides to infinity.