Frequently Asked Questions


Won't my provider and nurses tell me all I need to know? 

Yes and no.  You will get lots of information from them. Most of the information on caring for your baby and breastfeeding will happen 24-48 hours after birth.  You will be tired and have company and be full of lovely hormones that dont help you remember.  As little as 20% of information is retained at that time.

Can I have a natural delivery at the hospital?

Well yes absolutely. Our classes cover hospital, birth center and home.  Tips and tricks for every setting.

I want an epidural too why should I take a class?

Well honestly you have to get to the point you can get your epidural. Would you like to do that with control and minimal anxiety?  You can also learn about hospital interventions and what they are and do.  This is not a don't you dare get an epidural class this is a you do what you want and I am going to help you achieve your goals. These classes also discuss what happens to your body after delivery and how to make that better.

Isn't Breastfeeding is natural ?

Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your baby. It is a lost art in our culture that we are just starting to reclaim. That does not mean there is not a lot of misinformation out there.  Get good evidenced based information!! Studies show us that those who take a class prenatally have greater success with breastfeeding. The breastfeeding class helps your partner help you too.  Teamwork!  

I breastfeed my first baby but it didn't go well, will a class help?

Yes Yes And YES!!  Knowing before hand expectations and tips and tricks can make increase your chances of success.  Having your partner in class to help support you and learn with you will make you a great team.  You will also be better able to find good resources after baby comes if you need help..


Won't the nurses help me with natural labor?

They will if they can AND if they have the time and skill to do so.  Nurses are not trained  specifically on assisting through natural labor.  They may have a sicker patient down the hall.  They may be busy.  Even as a nurse I would love to stay at my patients bedside and help them through contractions but I cant I don't have the time to do that.

Should I get a doula?

I love the doulas in our community there are so many wonderful ones.  They are a great incorporation to your labor team.  Taking a class will help make it even more successful.  even if you have a doula classes will really help. I can also help you find a doula.