Pricing + Services


Decrease you anxiety, build confidence, gain community. 



Postpartum Moms group: New Moms Group MAMA $100

This six week cohort is so amazing. This is the class you didn't even know you needed till you get here.  Guest speakers for information that is useful and relevant to you.  We talk about EVERYTHING.  A place to be yourself and learn how other moms, your peers are coping.  Come to environment that lifts you up and welcomes you.  Why is this group so important.  So many new moms are isolated during the weeks after a baby. Come when baby is around 4 weeks old and if you need to come sooner do.  Moms and babies only. (2 hrs for 6 weeks)

Legacy Labor  and Childbirth class $175

This labor class is packed full of techniques. Why not just one you ask. Having been a OB nurse for almost 20 years the more you know the more resources you have in labor.  Fill your tool box with lots of tools you never know which one will work best for you. We cover relaxation, guided imagery, positions, and so much more. Preparing you for labor and immediate postpartum. We talk about what happens in labor. Labor partners Parent and parent.(2.5 hours for 4weeks)

 Childbirth Weekend ONE day class $225

Same as Weekly childbirth class but in one day! For those of us who have limited time but really want to get this class in. Filled with techniques and tools for your tool box. As with all our classes these are specifically designed for you and your partner to be a team.

How to thrive with a Newborn $40

This is the class I wish I had taken before I had my first baby and I was a nurse.  I was stunned by what i thought I knew and really didn't.  This class discusses many newborn behaviors.  How to bathe an infant, swaddling, soothing and so very very much more.  This class will give you confidence and decrease your anxiety when the baby comes home. Bring your baby team with you! ANYONE who is going to take care of YOUR BABY needs this class. Come as a team.  1 class 2.5-3 hours.


BreastFeeding Class $40

I don't want to say this is a good breastfeeding class I want to say it is a GREAT breastfeeding class.  This is basics to get you started and to help you continue on your journey presented in a way that makes sense. This class is perfect for first time moms and moms who struggled with breastfeeding the first time around.  Just by taking a class you increase your success rate.  Please bring your partners this class is for them too!  


Understanding Infants sleep Nurtured sleep $40

This is not a sleep training class.  This is a class to understand your infants sleep the how and the why of it.  This class gives you tips to help give you informed evidenced based information to make decisions on infant sleep. This class will give tips on your infants sleep patterns.


Breastfeeding with Mellissa IBCLC $free

This is a drop in for simple questions about breastfeeding. Meet other breastfeeding moms and lets talk! Baby scale for weighing.  Please register for class before coming at least 24 hours.

Private services:

Labor class in your home $300

Same class as group setting but I come to you. If you are uncomfortable in group setting or you have a crazy schedule (like me) then this might be best for you and your partner.  Times do not have to be the same each week or can be done in one day. 

Newborn and Breastfeeding in your home $60 each in your home

The same classes as group setting but in your home.

Lactation Services  $70 and Hour

Private lactation consultations.  From latch checks to more complex issues.  With continued support throughout your breastfeeding career. Please call for any needs I am happy to help.