Helping moms succeed has been my greatest honor. Comments like these humble me and make me so thankful to be part of these families lives. Please see more reviews on Facebook.
— Mellissa Willette BSN, RN, IBCLC

Happy Clients


I worked with Mellissa while pregnant & postpartum and she is a fantastic educator. She made herself available when I needed her and her special touch empowered me to keep pressing on to overcome breastfeeding issues. She is knowledgeable, professional, and at the same time has a great sense of humor that puts you at ease and helps you hang on to all the valuable pieces of
information she gives you. I’d highly recommend any classes she has to offer.



Mellissa naturally provides such a nonjudgmental environment for both mama and dad! Any questions are welcomed and her answers were always personalized for your parenting style (bc we aren't all the same type of parent!! Which is perfectly acceptable to Mellissa!!) and fully backed with strong educational and statistical reference. I truly owe her for a such a wonderful labor (long + painful ...but I was prepared!) and for making the first 3 months of being a new mom stress free and joyful because I got to see her in "class" once a week with other new moms! I met my goal of breastfeeding and I credit her guidance and support (without the pressure!) for this! If you want to enjoy your mom experience through the tiring times...then Mellissa is your lady! She brings the joy!

                                                                                            Melissa educated and supported me and my husband throughout my pregnancy as well as postpartum. I never felt nervous about labor/delivery because Melissa had prepared us so well for what was going to happen. My child didn’t take to breastfeeding right away and I began to worry that she never would. Melissa was a calming and steady presence. She was available to answer all my questions/worries and continued to encourage me through my breastfeeding struggles. Because of her, my child caught on after some practice and made me feel more confident and trusting of my maternal instincts.